A “Separated” Chicken Marsala type Dish

Starting off with the obvious, not quite marsala in the traditional sense (all parts done separate) and also since I had a petit-syrah zinfandel blend, that is the wine I utilized. I started off with whole baby-bella mushrooms, removed the stems (saved for rice). I pan seared them in some oil, cracked peppercorn. I then placed them upside down and poured a little wine inside. Covered them for 10-15 minutes to cook. The rice I started with the crushed up mushroom stems. As it was almost done and most of the moisture was gone, added a small amount of oil and rosemary and stirred up. The chicken was pan seared with a little bit of wine, cracked peppercorn and smoked sea salt. Of course, had to have a glass of wine to wash it down as well 🙂


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