One of my favorites to make…Ravioli

One of my favorites to make...Ravioli

They are such a nice fall/winter..well cold weather type of food to make. And with so many options, they can be tailored to your own liking. I won’t go into the dough making part (there are plenty of simple dough recipes on the web) and for me I like to knead and create the dough by hand. In this particular instance as I was visiting family for the holidays I decided to kick up the style a notch. I like to try differing flavors, get a little blend a little contrast to mesh well together so in one case I created a filling with butternut squash which was put into water and simmered until real soft and tender and then put into my magic bullet along with some sauteed onion and garlic (done with peppercorn) and then pecorino romano was added during the blending process as well. The main course ravioli I took both lobster meat as well as langostino tails (both were coarsely chopped) and sauteed them in a white wine/ olive oil blend along with some rosemary and pepper until slightly browned. This mixture was then cooled to room temperature at which point they were added to a bowl with mascarpone (at room temperature) and mixed thoroughly. The dough was then formed and cut into strips which were subsequently stuffed with either of the two fillings. Though not pictured, the original batch I had also utilized a beet (cooked in the oven until soft) and used it to dye one of the doughs. It came out an off shade red and marbleized which looked very nice alongside the plain dough. For a sauce I kept it simple. I just took some Extra-Virgin infused with black truffle, a little bit of romano cheese and some cracked peppercorn, heated in a skillet, poured over the top.


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