Chicken Cordon Bleu…well minus the ham and a different take on the breading and sauce

A lot of time I make stuff up as I go along so in a lot of instances I can’t really say “I’m making Chicken Cordon Bleu or Chicken Parmesan” so I try and compare it to something of the sort that a lot of people may know and can associate my dishes with in one sense or another.




In this case I had taken a chicken breast, butterfly cut it and added in broccoli and a sharp cheddar. Easy enough to coat the chicken, I used one egg, and then panko bread crumbs (I like the crunchier coating it gives more than regular bread crumbs). You can leave it at this or add some seasoning on top (I did some pepper and rosemary). This can then be put into the oven casserole and baked until the chicken is cooked. For a thicker piece like this and having the vegetable inside, I use a little bit of oil and also some water in the bottom of the dish (doesn’t stick and has a bit of a steam affect and doesn’t burn the outside of the chicken with the breadcrumb mixture. For a sauce, all I took was a mustard that I had, some garlic and added some red wine to add a bit of a zest and to make it more saucy as opposed to being thick like a mustard.




For the potatoes, I just cut them in half, put them in the skillet and heated them in some oil. For my personal tastes, I seasoned with smoked sea salt and some thyme (but you can utilize whatever spices you desire. Initially I cover the potatoes to trap in some of the moisture for them to cook in and get tender quicker then I remove the lid and saute them until golden.



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