Boneless Thighs…A favorite of mine to cook with.

Contrary to the many people I know and hear talk about chicken to cook with, I would take the thigh (in my instance boneless thighs) over the breasts any day of week (well except for chicken parmesan). The thighs are a much more flavorful and juicier part of the chicken and the fact of them not being nearly as thick not only means a quicker cooking time, but a variety of options when it comes to cooking them.


As you can see by the picture I had oven roasted the chicken and for a side I sauteed both red pepper and green squash. One of the things I like most with boneless thighs is the versatility. They can be cooked all on their own, either in the oven grilled, etc. or in this case due to their “boneless-ness” and being on the thinner side I had previously stuffed them with cheese and mushroom. For seasoning I created a curry style rub to create a little spice. Then just put in the oven and cook. For the vegetables I just cut up a red pepper and a green squash used a little oil and some seasoning and sauteed them. The lighter and sweeter flavors of these particular vegetables bode well as a nice contrast coming from the curry spices on the chicken.




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