Crepes and a Variation of Bananas Foster…A Fine Dessert

For tonight, I will post a very nice dessert that can be done a variety of different ways depending on your mood, seasonal fruits, etc… Crepes are an amazing menu item as they can be utilized for a variety of concepts ranging from breakfast and lunch items and even for desserts (as in this case).


My basic batter (as it is just cooking for myself so I do not need to make a whole lot) is as follows:

1 Egg

Half cup of flour

Approx. 2/3 cup whole milk

1 tbsp butter

Vanilla Extract (Optional)

Saigon Cinnamon (Optional)

These are all mixed together thoroughly and then let to sit for one hour before making the crepes in 8 inch pan.

For the banana topping, I sliced up 1 and a half bananas. Put them in a deep skillet, added some butter, some brown sugar, and a  pinch of triple sec. These are then heated up to the point where you can then add the Brandy (Viewer Discretion: I have included a photo of this part of the process. I do not condone you in any way to take photos while you are igniting the bananas as I did).


You would then let the flames go until they are out and finish the process until bananas are slightly browned.

For the sauce, which was fairly simple I used some apricot preserves, a tbsp. of olive oil and some triple sec. These are then put on the stove and heated up until nice and warm. The bananas are placed over the crepes followed by the apricot-citrus sauce.





2 thoughts on “Crepes and a Variation of Bananas Foster…A Fine Dessert

  1. Awesome recipe! I should try to make this dessert crepe. I’ll try to resist the urge to take photos while flaming the bananas 🙂 – Veronica

  2. Lol, I put that in because I’m sure someone would want to try to take pics of it (actually part of the reason I wanted to make this dessert- do some photographic experimentation). It is fun to make and doesn’t take all that much time. So much of it can be altered to your liking as well, i.e. I have friends who don’t like bananas so you could choose others fruits as a base as well as for sauces i.e. you can go more of a berry route or non-fruit can do the bananas and make a chocolate based sauce.

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