A Night Out in Haddonfield

A Night Out in Haddonfield

A lot of times on the weekends I am not always around to cook or come up with masterpieces. In this case I will give a short review of a place I had dined at back in the fall so if you happen upon the Southern New Jersey area, “The Little Tuna” is a fine, quaint restaurant to dine at.

A little background of the area, Haddonfield is a nice historic town which has numerous street shops so you can walk around and shop in a nice rural environment- versus going to a mall.

The restaurant “The Little Tuna” itself is as the name may suggest specialize in a variety of seafood inspired dishes (as well as catering to those who may not be as keen on seafood).

One thing I like is the variety. Starting from the appetizers ranging from traditional plates such as mini crab cakes, clams casino, shrimp, soups and salads to having a raw bar, there is something for everyone.

Being how I was with Jenn I couldn’t do anything too exotic so we went with the flash fried calamari and marinara sauce. The calamari was very tasty as it did not have too much breading nor was it cooked to the point where it gets on the rubbery side. Marinara sauce is marinara sauce so not too much to say with that, it was good, but nothing saying excitement like in some restaurants that offer a horseradish or wasabi based sauce. Very good product none-the-less.

For my main dish I had ordered the Pan Seared Wasabi Tuna which was done to perfection. The wasabi coating added a nice spice but was not overpowering as to take away from the taste of the tuna. The sesame ginger broth was a nice compliment to the dish as well as the ginger blends well with the wasabi spiciness.

All around the visit was pleasant and exceptional. The wait staff was good and the feel of a “small-town” restaurant is nice when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle and just sit down and enjoy a peaceful meal. Another nice aspect of the dining experience is when the weather gets warmer they have nice outdoor seating as well to take in the fresh summer air.

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