Well…It’s a cannoli kind of night


So lately I’ve been experimenting more on the pastry side (never really did much desserts ever and it seems like a nice time to broaden and expand my skills).

Not gonna go into the details of the recipe, just that for the shells, its like any other dough you have some flour, then I also used cocoa powder, cinnamon, some lemon juice and peel, butter, and a dry white wine (I’ve seen some recipes that call for more of a marsala wine but I go with what I have and prefer). Also had some egg white in there and then it all gets mixed together into a ball then refrigerated.


For the filling I used fresh ricotta (don’t skimp and get the pre-containered stuff, the fresh $$ type is worth the investment. Also used some orange liquor and orange peel, small chocolate chips, egg white, and fine grain sugar. All gets mixed together and then put into the refrigerator.

I used a deep stock pot, used 1.5 quarts of canola oil. Brought up to temperature to fry the shells (which I did by hand…not recommended , I’ll be investing in metal cannoli tubes at some point). They then get fried for about 2-3 minutes in the oil. They then get cooled and filled with the cream.




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