Apricot-Citrus Tilapia with Butternut Squash

I’m a day behind on posting this one (There will actually be two posts tonight) so I had tried something a bit different than what I normally would do.

For the Tilapia itself, I started off by brushing on a little corn syrup and then coated the fish with a romano/parmesan blend. I already had a skillet set up with hot oil so I just tossed the fillets on and cooked on both sides until slightly crisp.


For the sauce, I wanted something that was both fruity/citrusy and a little spice. For the base I used a little bit of apricot preserves (under normal conditions when they are more in season I would prefer to use fresh apricots). I then added some chili powder, and both lemon and lime juice and simmered on low heat until it got a little thicker. This was then applied to the fish after it had been cooked.


For the squash I had initially cut it up into strips. They were then places in a pan with oil and some white wine. I then added some seasonings and some salt/pepper and initially covered on low heat to steam the squash to soften it up. After a few minutes I then removed the cover and when the squash got softer I mashed it up. Quick, simple, tasty.




2 thoughts on “Apricot-Citrus Tilapia with Butternut Squash

  1. Thank you. It was very good, the only thing I don’t like is having to use the apricot preservatives. Have to be careful and not use much due to how sweet they are. And I always try to make a nice presentation. Visualization is a huge part of someone deciding whether or not to try something- and it’s just fun to do.

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