Last post to be all caught up…Apple Tart with Frangipane

Well this is the last of my “catch-up” posts and everything will be back up to date. For this particular recipe, I decided to make an apple tart with a frangipane layer in it.

I had wanted some sort of dessert to make for our work party but wanted to do something different and this seemed to fit the bill.

For the sugar cookie type crust the following ingredients were utilized:

1 pound flour

10 ounces butter

7 ounces sugar

4 egg yolks

lemon zest

pinch of cinnamon (optional)

pinch of cocoa powder (optional)

These were all mixed well together and formed into a nice ball of dough which was then wrapped and refrigerated for a half hour.

For the frangipane, the following ingredients were utilized:

just over 3 ounces of butter

just over 3 ounces of confectioner’s sugar

4 ounces of fine ground almond (I used blanched almonds without the skin)

2 ounces of flour

2 eggs

These ingredients were all mixed thoroughly.


To make the tart, since the dough was a nice dense dough, I found it easy to take the ball and put it in the center of the tart pan. I then spread it out to fill the whole pan and whatever excess I had over the top edges I cut off. I then spread the frangipane over the entire pan with a little space around the fringe.

Next I had taken four apples (two were granny smith and two were pink ladies). I peeled the skin off of them and cut into thin slices. These slices were then placed standing up in the frangipane in sort of a circular motion around the pan. As seen in the picture there is an inner circle layer and an outer circle layer.

Once completed, the tart was then placed in the oven at 350 for about 35 minutes or when the crust edges started becoming slightly browned.




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