“Real” Apricot Tilapia

So a while back, I had gone through and made a tilapia dish that involved apricot preserves. In this updated version, there is the usage of actual apricots.


Initially in my pan, I had thrown in some sesame oil, soy sauce, and sliced up apricots into strips. I cooked this on medium heat to really get the flavor out of the apricot and so they were softer. I then added the tilapia filets and pan seared them until brown on both sides. I then plated the filets and topped with the remaining sauce which included the pieces of apricot.


For the rice, that was easy. I boiled the wild rice for about 15-20 minutes. I had already shaved up some carrot and broken slivered almonds into smaller pieces. I drained the rice out really good so their was zero excess liquid. I then used an ice cream scooper to make small mound of the rice. I then topped the mounds with the carrot and almond, and used a little soy sauce to flavor.

In all, a nice meal that took about a half hour to fully prepare and cook.



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