First attempt at sushi (and many more to come)


As many of my posts have shown I like to cook and eat a variety of fish and my love for seafood doesn’t end with only the cooked types. Last week I was feeling adventurous and figured why not try my hand at making some homemade sushi- nice and fresh.

I felt it was best for the first time to go simple so I made variations with two type of fish- I used some ahi tuna and smoked eel.


To start off you have the seaweed sheets. For rice, I had purchased Koshihikari short-grain rice. For vegetables, I had bought carrots, avocado, and organic seedless cucumber. For toppings I had gotten some pickled ginger and a spicy mayo based sauce.

For the rice, I used two cups of rice. I had put it in a bowl and rinsed it a few times until the water became more of a clearer color than the initial white (doesn’t become fully clear. I then drained the rice and let sit for about 20 minutes. For two cups of rice I added two cups of water. I put on medium heat and let cook uncovered until most of the water was soaked into the rice (for me this took between 15-20 minutes). At that point I then covered the pot, put the heat on low and let cook for another 15 minutes or so. At this point you the rice grains themselves should turn a clear color and spots that you see are still white pour on a little bit of warm water.

The rice is then put into a large bowl and a rice-vinegar solution containing sugar and salt is then added to it (I had used 4 tsp vinegar, 2 tsp sugar, 1.5 tsp salt). This is added and the wooden paddle is used to mix the rice as well as pulling the grains apart. It is worth noting that you should have a small bowl of cold water to dip the paddle in as the rice won’t stick to it much when it is cold.


At this point when the rice is ready (and I had already cut up the vegetables and fish into strips), it is time to begin making the rolls. The seaweed sheets that I had purchased are cut in half and one half is placed on the bamboo mat (which at this point is wrapped in plastic wrap). You make a baseball sized mound of the rice and place on the seaweed sheet and spread with the paddle leaving about a quarter inch space clear on the far side. As you can see from the pictures I had done rice side out (which I sprinkled some black roasted and plain sesame seeds over the rice and then flipped the sheet over) or seaweed side out which the fillings were placed directly on the rice side.


In either instance, start off by laying out the fish (I had made strips of raw ahi tuna or smoked eel). These are places a third of the way up the sheet (the end of the sheet should be on the edge of the bamboo mat) Then I had placed strips of the vegetables on top (vary what you want depending on individual preferences, i.e. I did tuna with avocado and carrot and perhaps did some with avocado and carrot). I had also did some with just the raw tuna inside without vegetable as well. The idea though is place the fish and then the vegetable slices on top. Then taking the end of the mat it is sort of picked up and rolled over the entire part of the seaweed with the fillings and then the rest of the mat is rolled and pressed to hold the roll together. The mat is then unrolled and you can cut the roll into pieces of sizes to your own liking.



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