Fresh Pasta and some Clams

Going through my picture folder I realized i had skipped over a pretty simple meal that I had done up a few weeks ago. So, plain and simple, here is some homemade pasta in a creamy truffle sauce with shiitake mushrooms and some clams that I had boiled.


I forget the exact type of clam I had used (potentially a cherrystone of some sort if I remember correctly. Essentially it was wash with cold water and scrub the outside to remove whatever sand/sediment may still be attached. Then I started a pot of boiling water with salt and once the water started to boil I threw in the clams. In a sauce pan on the side, I had taken some truffle oil, some scallions, and some garlic and put on low heat and added the mushrooms. On low heat, I covered for 5-10 minutes to sort of steam up the mushrooms and soften them and then removed the cover and put on medium heat to finish the sauce (at which point I added some Romano cheese). The pasta I had boiled for only a few minutes (homemade pasta cooks rather quickly). The clams boiled somewhere between 5-10 minutes at which point they had opened up and I removed the one side of the shell. I then laid out on the plate added the pasta and put on some sauce.



2 thoughts on “Fresh Pasta and some Clams

  1. Love clams. Love truffle oil. Love mushrooms. Looks great! I tried Cherrystone clams raw for the first time recently. The place I was at also did clam caesar’s…raw clam with your drink. Really good.

  2. Thanks. Came out quite well even though for clams I am really used to just shucking and eating. Even though I’ve been eating them my whole life one of my favorite memories was actually a few years ago as an undergraduate doing research in the summer in the late afternoon some days one of the environmental science professor’s would come into the lab with a large bucket of clams because he would spend the morning clamming. Can’t get much fresher than that.

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