Falling behind…Here’s a “braised” chicken type of dish

Sorry, been busy with a variety of different things lately and going through a bit of a transition period as well, so I’m lagging a bit behind with the posts.

Recent meals and ideas I have seen got me into experimenting with some of the chicken meals that I have already pre-prepared and have put in the freezer. I had taken out a chicken breast which was stuffed with cheese and mushrooms. Looking in my vegetable drawers, I had carrots and asparagus and was thinking of how I could piece together the meal.

So I came up with the idea of braising a chicken breast like you would with say beef ribs, where you have a sauce of some sort with liquid and vegetables and leave it in the oven for an extended period.


Unlike with the concept of ribs where it is left in the oven for 2+ hours, the chicken did not have to be in the oven for even an hour. The main base was a red wine, I also added in the carrots and asparagus as well as some other spices. On the side I had made up some rice which I seasoned with sage and rosemary. A nice simple meal that needs little preparation and most of the cooking time you can just sit back and relax.