A Couple of Meals

Well back from my Easter mini-trip where I got to eat some good old Polish food and so some nice hiking in Northern New Jersey where we had nice weather for the couple days I was up there.

A little different from how I normally do things, which is usually just going through the stuff I have and trying out random concepts (For many meals I hardly do the same thing twice- always some type of variation), but today was different. Talking to my one friend back up North, he was planning a “mock” website for a local Italian restaurant and was looking for some stock photos. I had given him some of stuff I had done in the past and I told him I’d be able to whip up a few quick things that he can use.

Today’s Lunch: Fresh oil-seared Chicken in a homemade Alfredo Sauce.



Today’s Dinner: Fresh boiled mussels in a spicy pepper-marinara sauce.


Both pretty simple, quick meals.


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