It’s a Brunch type of Day

It’s weird for me to post something like this because usually in the morning I’m not big into cooking even though I seem to have the time and do get up quite early. Sometimes though you may have that one item which you purchase that you start to find different ideas for and then eventually come to make a whole meal around them, so thank you morel mushrooms.


I had purchased the dried mushrooms at reasonable price at a produce market at Reading Terminal Square earlier this week. For them it was simple, first took some water, butter, and cream and brought to a boil, then put the mushrooms in for approximately five minutes, then took out, drained, pat dry and set on side until ready to be fried (I did with some butter).

The asparagus I took some olive oil, some lemon and lime juice, salt, and pepper and sauteed them to get a citrusy yet spicy flavor. The slab bacon I made a few slices and just sauteed in a pan and used some peppercorns until nice and crisp (Also note I used my large frying pan and did the potatoes in there as well).


The eggs I poached in a deeper skillet in water (used some vinegar to keep the whites from separating too much). First add the water and vinegar and turn on the heat. You want the water to be just below a simmer and definitely not boiling. Once this is reached crack the eggs individually and pour in without breaking the yolk. Use a spoon to sort of contain the whites and then cover and let cook for about five minutes until cooked.




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