Some Lunch before enjoying the weather

Some Lunch before enjoying the weather

Probably my last post of the week as weekends is usually the time to be out and about enjoying the outdoors of Jersey or Pennsylvania (though by the end of next week my duck confit may be ready to present).

This is a meal of combining either different concepts or products from various “projects” I am working on.

I always have chicken on hand of some sort. For this I had a boneless breast which I flattened out. I seasoned it with fresh garlic, white pepper, and some thyme. Sauteed it in some toasted sesame oil. Near its completion I added in the kalamatas to not only warm them up but to incorporate the flavor.

To top the chicken, from this morning I had juice leftover from re-hydrating the Morels. I brought it to a slow boil and reduced to a gravy-like substance which I then poured over the chicken (nice earthy flavor).

From another project while looking through my freezer I had some “frozen” honey yogurt in a mold so I added that as a side dish. It was a good refresher type of side as the coolness and sweet flavors of the honey gave a nice contrast to the earthier and saltier flavors of the seasonings and olives.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend (think by early next week it will hit 70 degrees).


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