A Different Take on Stew

Yesterday while slowly cooking the duck confit in the oven, I was thinking of different things to try for dinner. Since I already had the oven on really low heat, I figured something that I could slow-cook or roast would be ideal. I decided to make a lamb stew…with a little twist.


As you can see, the dish was indeed done in an Acorn Squash. I removed the seeds and cut out the flesh. To the flesh I added some pepper, allspice, shallots, garlic, asparagus and oil and did a quick saute.

In the refrigerator I had lamb chops marinating in a combination of salt, pepper, and a little bit of brandy. These were cut up into small pieces and lightly browned on the outside in a pan.

These ingredients as well as rice and then filling the squash with water was then placed in the oven for a few hours (the last hour or so I put a lid on the squash to ensure the rice would be thoroughly cooked with the trapped heat/steam).




4 thoughts on “A Different Take on Stew

    • Thank you, it was rather tasty. The nice thing about meals like this is that if someone doesn’t like lamb they could easily substitute in beef or other meat of choice. It was also nice to have some “hands off” cooking, where I can relax while its in the oven.

  1. Thanks for stopping by my favourite pastime and for making me laugh. I think I should try your bacon idea…It’s great to see a young man like you cooking. I have bookmarked this blog.

  2. Thank you. Glad to help brighten your day. I do look forward to going through many of your recipes as I only recently got into the baking side of things and it seems you have a nice long list of soups as well.

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