Steak with a wine reduction and carrot puree

It has been some time since I have had a traditional steak. For one, I’ve been trying to eat healthier so i eat less red meat, and also the cost- for the price of some of the normal grilling steaks I would rather experiment more with seafood at the same price. The other reason is simply put the lack of bone-in steaks that grocery stores carry these days and yes this strip was boneless (they cost a fair amount less) but when I want a nice steak I like it to be bone-in. But back to the meal.

This was a fairly easy one to do. The longest part is probably the wine reduction as you want it to be almost a syrup (I had used a syrah for this). And the carrots just get cooked in water until tender and then pureed in a processor or blender- whichever you may have. The steak I seasoned with salt and pepper, used a little oil and broiled until medium/medium rare (slight pink but not bloody).


Mashed potatoes i just took one large potato boiled it until soft. I mashed it up (I leave the skin on, I prefer the texture and flavor it adds), added some cream and some truffle oil, and topped with a few black trumpets I had lying around which I sauteed.



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