A nice “earthy” meal

After my last post of broiling a steak, I figured I’d go in a bit of a different direction and stay away from meat for this meal.


The first course I planned was a mushroom based tart. The tart you can either make the dough (as I did) or you can buy a pre-packaged phyllo dough and use as well. For this recipe I sauteed mushroom stems, garlic, and radish with some salt and pepper until nice and tender. Separately, I had roasted some walnuts with some cinnamon and allspice. Both of these were then blended together not quite to the extent of a puree. They were then placed into the tarts (I used small tart dishes) and then placed the mushroom caps on top and then baked for approximately 25 minutes on 400. I served with a garlic infused foam on the side.


At first, the second (or main course) in this case was a  little harder for me to come up with as I usually have some form of meat or fish along with my meal (unless it is a strict pasta dish). In this case, I took a pasta-type approach and made some vegetable style ravioli/potsticker.


Lately, Besides what I have been reading about, I had tried a few dishes out with beets and it seemed to be a nice direction to head in. Jean Georges has this nice recipe which utilizes a lighter dough (also thinner) dough than a traditional ravioli and incorporates beet greens into the filling. For my take, the filling consisted of beet greens and carrots (chopped up fine) and they were sauteed with garlic (also fine chopped). The beet greens upon completion were themselves chopped up finely. I then added both ricotta as well as parmesan cheese and let cool for about an hour. I then made the raviolis by hand.

For the sauce, the beet itself was utilized. It was rather simple too. All there was was slice up the beet, put in small pot and cover with water. I also added some butter. This was then put on the stove and then reduced down until only a few tablespoons of liquid was left. The beet slices themselves can also be served on the side.



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