Bay Scallops…What to do with them??

I was thinking to myself today about these bay scallops I’ve had in my freezer and besides a risotto I did a while back what else could I do with them. They are not like nice large sea scallops which have so many options of making nice looking entrees with broiling, sauteing, etc.
So here we go.


I started off by taking panko bread crumbs and lightly toasting them in a pan until browned.

I then took the bay scallops (thawed, washed, and patted dry) and pan seared them for two minutes in sesame oil and black pepper. Once cooked, I put on the side in a bowl retaining the liquid.

I then had already sliced up cremini mushrooms real thin and also did the same with some garlic. They were marinating on the side with some lime juice and also grinded on top some salt and pepper. They were then placed in the pan with some oil and water, and then covered to cook until almost tender.

Once they got to this point, I then added back the scallops, put the lid back on and let cook for another 5-10 minutes to reduce the liquid to where it was almost like a dressing.

On the plate, I had already put on my mixed arugula salad. I made a simple dressing of some sesame oil, soy sauce, lemon and lime juices, and some pepper. I poured some of this over the salad and topped with some sesame seeds. When the scallop mix was done I placed in the center of the plate and topped with the panko.

It was a fairly simple meal to make and put together. The panko was a nice crunchy topping which boded well with the scallops and mushrooms. It was also nice as it soaked in some of the sauce. The salad was quite complimentary as it acted as a cold refresher to the warm richness of the scallops and mushrooms and the soy-based citrus dressing was a nice option.




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