A good week

A good week

Just wanted to say I hope everyone had a great week. Most of mine was down the Jersey Shore helping out with the rebuilding of houses. Dealt with a variety of tasks ranging from electrical to installing flooring to going under houses and cutting out some piping. Glad to get people back into their homes sooner. Friday was fun, went to a book signing, met Bobby Flay- got a picture and a signed book. Rest of weekend was my birthday weekend. Was a lot of fun. Time to get back to cooking sometime this week.



7 thoughts on “A good week

  1. Nice one! I always wondered what it would have been liked to be a customer at a restaurant that would spontaneously have a Bobby Flay throwdown.

    Oh sounds like a lot of hard work, hope you treated yourself to some delicious numnums! 🙂

    • Thank you, and yea went out to eat a few times so I’m pretty stuffed (especially after Thursday night where we went out for all you can eat crab legs). They were pretty phenomenal, nicely seasoned with Old Bay. BBQ most of the weekend was a nice change of pace as well.

      • BBQ seems like a nice change of pace a lot of the times! In general, chargrilled food with a smokey flavour is…gah.

        I’m so jelly of your weekend though! Sounds fantab!

  2. I love Bobby! He’s my favorite on the Deen/Ray/Flay/Giada/Fieri channel, er, I mean, the Foodnetwork! Sheesh, they are in desperate need of some new people on that network, dontcha think?!

    Your sweet potato ravioli looks scrumptious!

    Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by and liking out my posts and videos!!


    • Thank you for the compliments, the ravioli were quite amazing and I liked the way of using the slices of the potato to form the “shell” as opposed to making a dough. Yea Food Network could use a few new shows, all the great chefs are too busy running their restaurants though (I try and find their books). That video on your page was rather amusing. Unrelated saw your post about hamburgers… I’ll have to post some amazing stuffed burgers in the summer on here…convert you to the dark side lol 🙂

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