Sweet Potato…Ravioli

After my brief break, here is my first meal back. I had seen some different variations of doing these and then when I was at the store, figured I’d try making my own version. So here we go, sweet potato ravioli (the store had white sweet potatoes).


Before I go into the details, it is worth noting to make these you need either a mandolin or a slicer (I have a De Buyer Kobra V-slicer) as the slices need to be almost paper thin. Simple, start off by peeling the potatoes and then utilizing the slicer slice it long ways to have nice large slices. Place parchment paper on a baking sheet and wipe with olive oil. Then put the slices on and put in oven for about 5-10 minutes on 400 (DO NOT want them to brown,they are done when they are somewhat pliable).

For the stuffing I used a variety of mushrooms (morel, black trumpet, and bella). I sauteed them with some garlic, oil, and some kale. This was then put in the chopper/processor and done until small pieces (not quite puree).


The potato slices I then wiped on one side with egg, placed some of the stuffing in and then folded over. They were then pan seared on both sides to cook through.

Separately, I took some Kale added some olive oil, white pepper, and some orange peel and sauteed. I then added on top some honey and crushed almond slices.


A nice quick vegetarian dish.


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