Bone-in Strip…Take #2

This is sort of a remake (some variations) from what I had done on Saturday…however when you are grilling for six people (including two hungry ten-year olds), it is quite hard to barbecue steak, potatoes, corn, make everything look nice and plated, and be able to take pictures. For this reason I envy commercial food photographers…don’t have to cook, get whatever supplies you need given to do a shoot, stress free (though I do like the satisfaction of saying “hey I made that”).

Some of these seasonings/sauces are my takes on some of those in the Strip Steak and potatoes with garlic aoli and mojo rojo from Bobby Flay’s new book. All rather simple and quite easy to do.


In the case of using a grill (like I did over the weekend) or here where I used my stovetop (for the potatoes and asparagus) and oven where I broiled the steak, it is quite simple. The steak was initially brushed with some oil and sprinkled on salt and pepper. Basically just grill or broil to your own liking (I’m more of medium-medium rare). For broiling I had set the oven on about 300, takes a little longer than higher heats but cooks much more evenly and stays nice and juicy. My take on the mojo rojo, I used some oil, hungarian paprika, crushed up some garlic to a paste, some salt, some pepper, a little bit of vinegar (I used apple cider over the weekend and some rice today) and some lime juice. Mix it all together. After removing the steak just spoon a little of this on top.


For the potatoes on the grill I just took some of the baby reds, lightly brushed with oil, seasoned with salt, pepper, thyme, and rosemary (can do so many variations to your own liking). Garlic aoli is basically some mayo, some lemon juice, pureed garlic and salt/pepper to taste. Mix all together, refrigerate until use.

For over the weekend on the grill I had gotten some corn on the cob. I grilled inside the husks. From Bobby Flay’s book, I had made a smaller proportion of his mango-habanero butter. When the corn is done grilling, instead of using the traditional plain butter, the mango-habanero has a little sweet-citrusy accent and a little kick at the end. However today I did not have any corn, so instead since I had done other asparagus dishes in the past with other citrus type flavors (whether they be juices or peels), I figured why not give it a shot- I pan seared the asparagus in the flavored butter.




2 thoughts on “Bone-in Strip…Take #2

  1. Thank you for stopping by, twice. I really appreciate the time you took. Sorry I haven’t been here for some time. Your food is always so well presented and delicious. This makes me feel hungry, I have just woken up and haven’t had anything to eat. I love potatoes too!

    • Thank you. I try to make make my pics of everything in the best light (there are times like with the macarons I was at the store, saw the red/orange plate and bought it just for that lol). No worries, we all get busy, specially now with the weather finally getting warmer and staying that way.

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