Happy Mother’s Day and… Confit Take #2

First for any of my reader’s who happen to be a mom, I would like to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day and hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


Here are some virtual flowers for the holiday.

Now on to the cooking part.

Way back when (I had to check and saw it was April 15th) I had made my initial post from the first time I had made my duck confit. So really from when the confit had first went through the process it has been over a month in the refrigerator so it seems like a good time to try again and see what may be different with the duck itself as well as preparing with different sides.


In this instance, I had steamed then sauteed a bed of kale with chopped garlic- upon plating it I added some whole coriander seeds and drizzled on some honey. For the potatoes, I went very traditional and fried them in some of the oil from the confit container- I added some extra cracked peppercorn in the process. For the duck itself, I put it in the oven for 10 minutes on 325 and then another 5 minutes at 400 (initial heating up of it and then higher heat to add a little crisp. The meal itself I paired with a nice glass of Pinot Noir from a local winery of the Lehigh Valley.


Take #1 versus Take #2

In terms of overall tenderness, I did not think there was too much difference from the first time to the second time. Felt in both instances that the tenderness and moistness of the meat were quite similar and very excellent in both cases.

Where there was a difference was in the “accented” flavors. After 1 week of refrigeration, the overall flavor was more on the gamey and rich side and the flavors of the spices and fat did not have much time to ferment and mature with the duck. For the second take (over 1 month maturation) there were distinct accents of varying spices (most notable the cloves and the cardamom) which I felt enhanced the overall flavor and cut into the richness of the meat. Along with the potatoes that were fried in the fat as well as the steamed/sauteed kale the dish overall was full of accenting flavors and having the kale/honey combination was refreshing from the rich duck and potatoes. My opinion, 1 month is definitely worth the wait.


Take #1 done. Take #2 done. Take #3…TBD


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