A Nice Quick Chicken Dinner

Sorry for the delay the past few days, was procrastinating with food since I was taking an online course in manual flash photography by Scott Robert Lim (check him out- AMAZING). That went from 12-7 so was busy during the dinner rush. I did come up with a quick chicken dish tonight though.


It is quite nice when in the morning I go in the freezer, take out a package, and by the evening I have a nice chicken breast defrosted (in this case it was stuffed with broccoli and cheddar). So how to cook it. I went on a slight limb for this after I did a typical flour and egg yolk coating. I was looking around and went “hey let’s try some millet” so that is what I coated it with. I put it in the oven at about 350 (put some oil and some juniper berry balsamic in the bottom of the dish and in it went.


On to the side dish. Looked to see what vegetables I had and thought since I already had my greens cooking inside the chicken what is something different for the side? Hmm, how about potatoes and leek and make a nice little fried patty- so I did. All it was was potato, the white part of the leek, one egg, salt/pepper to taste and in the processor it went. I then fried it up in some grape-seed oil. A nice quick dish- kind of country style, tasty-juicy, simple. What more can you ask for.




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