A break from the normal food posts…Some volunteer work

As we get into the onset of summer Facebook has become abound with lots of posts of “going down the shore”, “partying down the shore”, etc. Perhaps it is a lack of knowledge, maybe the lack of support the state itself has given in recent months, or just not wanting to take the time and help, but down the Jersey Shore (especially in lower class areas around Atlantic City, many of people still need help finishing up houses to move back into from the hurricanes of last fall.


Personally, I’ll admit I’m not the most religious/catholic person you will meet. However, I do still have that need or desire to help others and give some of my time to help them have a better life. Since the fall, I have had the opportunity to go down on numerous such occasions with Heavenly Driven Disaster Relief (http://hddrelief.com/hddr/) to help out those in need in our own community (especially in an area which I like to enjoy when the weather is nice). In the fall it was about gutting houses so mold would not be present and now currently a lot of the work has been doing the final painting, laying down flooring, tiles, etc.

The end of this past week, I had the amazing opportunity to work on two houses with a group from the Flemington area. Sometimes it is not just about being given the opportunity to help others in need, but when you work with such amazing people (George, Nancy, Deb, Chris, John, Derick, and sorry for those names I don’t remember) it also helps me to grow as an individual in my own right and it is something I am thankful for. Here are some various pictures of working on the job.




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