Made a whole meal..but you only get to see the dessert.

This past week I had went back down to Atlantic City to help finish on a couple of houses (are only a few left and then some of the people will be going to other areas to help out). I figured it would be a nice thing for one of the nights to make a nice dinner. Well since we had a long day and everyone was hungry, was no real time to take pictures of the dinner itself. If you love grilled chicken and grilled potatoes, then Bobby Flay’s Barbecue Addiction is the book for you. Both the Mustard-Aoli grilled potatoes and the Grilled Red Chile-Buttermilk Brined Chicken with a spicy mango-honey glaze were phenomenal. But on with the dessert which I had come up with based on a variety of different ideas. It is a very nice summer dessert because the whipped filling isn’t overly heavy and raspberries and chocolate are good any time of the year.


To start, I made a thin chocolate souffle type cake in a 12×16 inch pan. Really a combination of making a simple meringue and then in a separate bowl a chocolate-whiskey combination then folding in and pouring-then bake. For the filling, I made a simple whipped cream with mascarpone cheese and vanilla extract. After the initial cake was baked and sliced into rectangles, I then put layers of cream with raspberries on top between layers of the chocolate cake. It is then topped with powdered sugar. To finish, I made a chocolate-whiskey sauce to drizzle over and serve. The nice thing was besides a little bit of baking time, it is not time consuming at all and only requires a few ingredients and is not too hard to make.


Unrelated, I also must say from a photographic perspective I love the countertop and tiled wall where we are staying at while down there. Love to have that in my own kitchen someday.


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