Flounder for Dinner

On top of the many outrageous things I like to make, sometime it is just as nice to keep it quick and simple- still have a nice wholesome meal.


In this case, I took a few flounder filets and put them in a skillet that was heated with grapeseed oil and lime juice. I then sprinkled on some chili and some sweet paprika and sauteed until cooked (only a few minutes. I then places them over a bed of mixed greens which was dressed with a juniper-berry balsamic vinegar. I then had a glass of Gewurztraminer to compliment the light flavored fish. In all, took about 10 minutes or so to prepare and cook.




2 thoughts on “Flounder for Dinner

  1. I love doing that as well (as well as mixing the panko with other ingredients such as wasabi powder). Another nice alternative to say panko is crushing up almonds and using that as a coating…believe somewhere on my blog I have a variation of that with Tilapia. Thanks for stopping by.

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