A Nice Chicken Dish

I’d like to apologize for the delay of posting lately, the new job is a bit more of a commute so I have been doing a lot of quick dishes which also double as lunches throughout the week. A have also undertaken a cake project (was gathering ideas and have started making some flowers today…actual post will be near end of the week).

So how about some chicken. A nice versatile meat as it can be cooked numerous ways and pairs with so many different side dishes and of course it’s healthy for you. In this case I kept it rather simple. I took two thighs and placed skin down in the dish. I then cut a lemon in half and squirted half over the chicken and into the dish. I then seasoned the chicken with Himalayan salt, cracked pepper, ancho chile powder and then poured a little oil and balsamic vinegar into the dish and swirled around the thighs and then placed in the oven.


For the potatoes, I cut up a potato threw it in a skillet with a little water, oil, salt, pepper, and thyme. Then cooked with lid on until softened then a little longer without lid. The mushrooms I used baby bella mushrooms. I threw in some truffle infused oil, cracked peppercorn, and as I am trying it out with a different dish I used a little bit of Douceur Du Jura – a nice soft cheese. Sauteed until my liking. Also can’t forget the glass of Spanish Tempranillo to finish the meal.




2 thoughts on “A Nice Chicken Dish

  1. The WordPress like system is not working so I can’t like this post even though I want to. This chicken looks delicious and I like it that you’ve served it with potatoes. I love potatoes. Thanks for sharing and have a pleasant weekend!

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