Let’s go Outback…nah, let’s stay in.

With Summer in full swing you are bound to see the relentless commercials of going to Outback having your steak or shrimp and all the good deals and then you realize when you want a legit “steak” you either have to go to a high-priced steakhouse ( I personally recommend The Prime Rib- they have a few locations in major cities, the one on Philly is fantastic) or the second option of buying your own piece of meat and doing as you please for your own liking.


Depending upon the type of steak or how you want it cooked there are varying options to choose from. In my case which I am an apartment dweller and do not have my own outside access, grilling is not an option. For me I took a nice looking Ribeye steak and broiled it in the oven. I went fairly simple with my semi-dry rub. Three ingredients: a light brushing of truffle-infused oil, ancho-chile powder, and a merlot-infused sea salt. I did a quick pan sear on both sides and then placed in the oven with the broil setting (I like my steak with a little pink in the middle but you can do as you please with yours).


Side dish number one, I took some brussel sprouts, cut them in half, added some olive oil, salt, cracked peppercorn, and a little bit of lemon juice (both for flavor but also prevents browning and seared them in a pan. The other side dish I cut open and used half of a small spaghetti squash. I boiled it in some water and butter until softened. Added a little cracked pepper and some smoked cheddar for flavor.


To top off the dish, I re-hydrated some morel mushrooms, fried them in some unsalted butter, and topped upon the steak when it was done.






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