Well a quick on tonight being how it is late and well it’s been a long day. Am really looking for general feedback. Had just completed this cake (have a family member’s christening/party this weekend and well here is the cake I made up.

3 thoughts on “Cake

  1. The cake actually looks very nice. I love the doves and the calla lilies. I assume it’s for a male? you love that shade of blue. I still remember that lovely shirt you made some time back (for your dad I think?). What is the flavour of the cake? Wish you all the best with the christening. Please let me know how it went. I keep my fingers crossed for you too!

    • Yes a baby boy. Calla lilies came out really nice though they took quite some time to do. The actual batter I made a white cake with vanilla extract for some flavoring and then thin layer of vanilla icing on the outside. The middle tier which is two- 9inch cakes has a chocolate icing between the two.

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