Salmon with a Homemade Honey-Orange Soy Glaze

With having some extra time, I decided to make a nice Salmon dish for dinner. The salmon itself did not take too long to prepare or cook for that matter but the roasted artichoke took some extra time in the oven. However, once it got prepped and put in the oven there was more than enough time to prep and cook the rest of the meal.


I’ll start off with the artichoke. Cut off some of the outermost leaves and for the rest cut the sharp tips off. I soaked the artichoke in some water and then cut the artichoke in half. I spooned on some lemon juice and then brushed on some olive oil and coated with some cracked peppercorn and some salt. I sliced up an orange and placed the slices on a sheet tray. I then put the artichoke halves on top of the slices (cut side down) and roasted for about 45 minutes on 425.

Staying on par with the citrusy accents, for the salmon I made a quick glaze of fresh squeezed orange juice, honey, and soy sauce. I then glazed the salmon and topped with roasted sesame seeds. In similar fashion with the artichoke I cooked on the sheet tray over orange slices as well (put that on the tray with about 20 minutes or so left on the artichokes).


The third course was simply wild rice and I threw in some shiitake mushrooms in the boiling process as well as some sage and some chili powder.



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