Branzino…A Summertime Fish

A big part of my summertime eating experiences is broadly characterized under the category of seafood. However there are a few specifics which to me are part of what is defined as genuine summertime meals and tonight’s dish is one of those.


Most of the time I would be fine with either a fish filet or fish portion. In this particular instance, I must have the whole Branzino aka European Sea-bass aka Bronzini. My take on it tonight was rather simple. Butterfly cut the whole body, I sprinkled in some ancho chili powder, some pink salt, layered inside some organic pea shoots and thin slices of fresh lime and then closed it up. On top I made some thin lemon slices and topped with halved heirloom tomatoes. This was then broiled in the oven with a coastal white wine/ olive oil blend.


My first side dish was broccoli rabe with shiitake mushrooms and coriander seeds. Initially the rabe and mushrooms went into a pot of boiling water for 1-2 minutes. It was then drained and placed into ice water. In a pan I added in some butter, coriander seeds, pink salt, sliced garlic, and sauteed the garlic. Upon slightly browning of the garlic I added in the rabe and mushrooms and sauteed them in the pan for a few more minutes.

My second side dish was golden mashed potatoes. A rather simple dish with a few added flavors of truffle infused olive oil and some fresh asiago cheese. This was then topped with some organic pea shoots.




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