Coconut Shrimp

With the Summer season nearing a close, I figured it would be a nice time to try something a little tropical. In this particular case I went ahead and made some homemade coconut shrimp.


Hours before even doing anything on the side of cooking, I made a marinade mixture of lemon juice, lime juice, ancho chile pepper, salt, and cracked pepper. I let the shrimp marinade for about 6 hours. Initially to the shrimp, I put them in a bowl, added flour and mixed good until a nice coating and the outside of the shrimp were on the dry side. I then took a few egg yolks, some shredded coconut, some bread crumbs and combined with the shrimp until a nice thick coating was on the shrimp. In a large pan, I poured in some grape-seed oil and brought to high heat. I then tossed in the shrimp and cooked on both sides until browned.


Though it is hard to see because of the bowl, as a side dish I made some Kaniwa, which is a South American grain close to quinoa. I put them in simmering water, added some butter, some diced up mango, salt and pepper and cooked until the water had fully soaked in. I placed a layer of the kaniwa in the bottom of the bowl. I then placed a thin layer of savoy cabbage and finally topped with the shrimp.

As a sauce, I took some mango I had diced up, added some sugar, some lemon juice, some balsamic vinegar, some white wine and brought to a simmer. I then covered and let simmer for about 10 minutes. At this point, the mango was soft enough I could mash it with a spoon to make a thick mango puree.




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