Battered Flounder

For tonight’s dinner I decided to go with flounder with a little bit of a twist to the plain-old fried batter. The batter I made up consisted of almonds I ground up in the mortel and pestle as well as dicing and grinding in some red Fresno Chili pepper for a little added heat. The flounder got a thin layer of flour followed by an egg wash and then battered and fried in some grape-seed oil.


For the sauce, I went fruity. I used a combination of red plum, a nice hearty Spanish Tempranillo wine, some rice vinegar and some coriander seeds and brought to a simmer in a saucepan and let cook until it thickened almost like a glaze.

The first side dish I used some spinach, some oyster mushrooms, butter, and garlic and sauteed in a pan. Simple yet full of flavor.


For the orzo, once it had finished boiling i drained out the water. I then added a little truffle-infused oil, some fresh basil (from my plant), some rosemary, and some sweet paprika and put on low heat for an extra minute or two.





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