Macarons…some various seasonal flavors

Going way back to sometime in the early Spring when I had first done macarons (click here) you can find my general recipe and it takes you through the process from food processing and sifting ingredients to folding in and eventually pouring the batter and cooking in the oven.


This post is more into the aspect of filling flavors and being how we are almost, sort of in between seasons, I figured I could go in either direction (though more fall flavors will come deeper into the fall).


In some cases, I made a white chocolate gnache with simply using a Ghiradelli White Chocolate bar and some heavy cream in a sauce pan and constant stirring (followed by cooling in the refrigerator. In these cases I placed a thin layer on both sides of the macaron and then either places in between some fresh raspberry that I had cut into smaller pieces or a whole blueberry. Optionally, some of the raspberry ones are topped with flaked coconut.

Another fruit based cream filling I had done involved fresh cantaloupe, mascarpone cheese, heavy cream, and some basil. These were all heated and blended together to make a nice thick cream. Some of the shells for these were topped with crushed mint leaves.

A fall seasonal flavor I tried was utilizing apples and fresh ginger. These ingredients were chopped finely and mixed together in a light homemade caramel until soft enough to become a more homogenous caramel cream.


Finally I ended with filling some with the traditional chocolate gnache (utilization of bittersweet and semi-sweet chocolates by Ghiradelli). In all, a nice variety of flavor combinations, was pleased with flavors as well as the way the shells cooked and came out. They developed nice feet and there were no issues with air pockets of any sort.

Later to come in the fall, when I do find some fresh pumpkin, going to be experimenting with that. Also looking into other apple combinations as well as doing something with poached pears.

Stay tuned.



5 thoughts on “Macarons…some various seasonal flavors

    • They are great, but require much patience to make just right. And you can really use just about anythng you want to put inside of them too. One of my favorites was making oversized ones, make a chantilly cream and diced up strawberries and its like a cake. Then drizzle on some melted chocolate and powdered sugar

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