Salmon Risotto

The other day I was in the mood for Salmon but was thinking of different solutions to make it a bit differently as a dish. At first I was thinking some variation of a creamy pasta dish but when I saw the Arborio rice in the cabinet my mind just clicked.


Usually for me in the past, when it comes to risotto I typically stayed away from the heavy, rich variations that have become the norm even though very traditional risotto is not prepared that way. However, for this I made the exception.

After heating up the risotto the first liquid addition was 1 1/4 cup white wine. Subsequent additions was a combination of water and cream (except the last addition which I used a little single malt whiskey- add some smokiness to go with the Salmon).


Separately, I had prepared the Salmon and Asparagus in an olive oil-garlic based blend with some additional seasoning. In another bowl, I was reconstituting dry Morel mushrooms in some water and heavy cream.

Shortly after my last liquid addition, I threw in the morels as well as the addition of Asiago Cheese that I had diced up into small pieces (when it comes to cheese I typically buy the wedges). A few minutes later, the Salmon and Asparagus were folded into the risotto which was then cooked for a few extra minutes to rid of any excess liquid and to make a nice creamy end point.



4 thoughts on “Salmon Risotto

  1. I’ve been wanting to try to make a mushroom risotto for a while, but for me it has always been on the list of things that seem to ‘fancy’ and scary for me to cook! Thank you for the inspiration, yours looks great!

  2. Your welcome. It is not too difficult of a dish to do, something you can make to your own liking and flavor. Some recipes call for every addition to just be stock and others are a bit different (sometimes my first liquid addition is a dry white wine). One thing to remember to is pending on how your stove is (rt now mine is electric) is actual cooking time (also based on how much you make as well), mine usually take somewhere between 20-30 minutes- slightly larger portions than the normal recipe and I typically fold in my foods near the end.

  3. These are my absolute favorite pictures of yours so far! And that risotto looks so absolutely delicious!! I’m definitely going to try something similar to this really soon!

    • Thank you. And it was rather tasty, a nice combination of flavors. I find making Risotto quite fun and sometimes adventurous as when I get in the mood for it and think of different ways of sprucing it up to be meal-worthy šŸ™‚

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