Wolffish with some Crab and Asparagus

Not too long ago on one of my trips through Trader Joe’s, I had stumbled upon a fish that I do not typically see all too often- Norwegian Wolffish. The last place I recall seeing this on the menu was a while back at BoneFish Grill where they have it with creamed spinach, etc.


For my liking, I had taken the filet and stuffed it with a combination of crab meat, flaked asiago cheese, salt, pepper, and some lemon juice. I then pan seared it in some oil on both sides and baked on low heat.

In a small saucepan, I chopped up some fresh horseradish, added some basil, rosemary, crabmeat, and olive oil and sauteed for a few minutes. I then added in some heavy cream and made into a sauce to top the fish off.


Next on the menu was the side dish. I went a tad out of the box on this and utilized both asparagus as well as “smoked bacon.” The smoked bacon is not bacon like grocery store style but actual slab piece of pork put into a smoker- really does not need to be cooked at all. I wrapped the asparagus in the smoked bacon (after I had peeled the asparagus) and cooked until tender. I then removed the asparagus, diced the pork into smaller pieces and added some citrusy accents to then pour over the asparagus.


Overall, a nice combination of flavors having the strong flavors of the horseradish and asiago with the fish and crab and some citrusy and salty combinations paired with the asparagus.




Soon to come—crab cakes with the extra crabmeat 🙂


6 thoughts on “Wolffish with some Crab and Asparagus

  1. All my fave flavours on one plate! Do you follow recipes or are these just straight out of your imagination? That sauce looks so goodddddd. I could pretty much eat a whole tray of bacon wrapped asparagus to myself! YUMMMM!!!

    • Thank you very much and the sauce was quite tasty. When it comes to the actual meals on my blog it’s pretty much just taking things and creating dishes based on flavors I like as well as what I feel will be a good fit together. Some of the stuff on the baking side I do look for recipes and then tailor accordingly, i.e. I’ve got my own batter variation for French Macarons based off of numerous recipes (but I do create my own fillings for them based off of what I like as well).

      • Good for you! My problem is that when I experiment, I don’t always remember what I put into my dishes, lol. I’m trying to make a habit of jotting things down so if I make something wonderful, I have a real recipe I can post.

        Wow! macarons! I’ve always been so scared to try. I hear they’re hard to make? Is that true?

      • I’d say for me most of the time I don’t go too much in depth with formation of an actual recipe, sort of add seasoning and spices to my liking (I do typically make posts on here so I know everything I did use in the process though). Macarons can be hard at times, I’ve had good batches and I have had bad batches. My most recent post (also links to my original recipe) https://cookingcove.wordpress.com/2013/09/05/macarons-some-various-seasonal-flavors/ They are fun to do and taste so good. So much you can do with them as well.

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