Fall-Seasonal Crab Cakes

If you had missed my post from the start of the weekend pertaining to Wolffish stuffed with crab and a nice crab-horseradish sauce, you can find it here. With the crab meat which was leftover, I decided to make some crab cakes, but tailor them to a more fall like flavor.


I wanted to go with more earthy, hearty type flavors so I went with some crushed pistachios to start and added in some acorn squash (I had sauteed first with some oil, onion, and green pepper minced up).


Other seasonings I had used included sea salt, cracked peppercorn, fresh rosemary and basil, and some ground mustard. To hold the shape I mixed egg directly into the batter and formed balls in my hand. Unlike some traditional forms which use breadcrumbs throughout, I formed the cakes first and then coated only the outside with plain breadcrumbs. I then proceeded to saute in a pan with a combination of olive/grapeseed oil.


The rolls (which were purchased from my local Wegman’s bakery) were a nice hearty pretzel roll. For a sauce, I combined fresh horseradish root, some mayo, some cherry tomatoes, salt, pepper, and blended together to make a nice aoli style topping. I also accented the sandwich with some radicchio lettuce.




4 thoughts on “Fall-Seasonal Crab Cakes

  1. Your recipes always sound so professional. The crab cakes have an infusion of spices and herbs. I love pistachios and acorn squash as well. And the aoli style topping with radicchio lettuce sounds so delicious. I love the way you describe and present you dishes, Chad. Thanks for sharing. Can I substitute the crab meat with some fish?

    • Thank you very much for the compliments and in many instances I try to hold myself to some high standards when it comes to cooking and preparing dishes. I don’t see why you can’t substitute fish in for the crab. Nice medium bodied whitefish would be a good fill in as it will smooth in with the flavors of the spices and sauce although now you have me intrigued as I am thinking of heartier, gamier fish such as salmon or tuna and how they might hold up with the spices and aoli. Don’t think you can go wrong in either direction 🙂 Wish you all the best and thank you for stopping by.

      • You always sound so professional, Chad, but I love it. I learn a lot from you. Thanks for the tip. I would like to give it a go with some tuna or salmon as per your advice. Thanks so much and wish you all the best in your move on the 9th and I hope you enjoy your new home. Any housewarming parties? Best regards!

      • Thank you very much. And yes, I am having a small get-together with some of my friends from Northern New Jersey coming down to visit. Already have been planning somewhat of a French-themed multi-course menu (main dish being Roasted Pheasant au Jus). Other dishes are going to be a creamy squash soup (inside the squash), I’m debating on whether or not to make a foie gras torchon with a jam. Desserts I am planning on doing classic Chocolate souffle as well as an over-sized macaron with strawberries and a Chantilly cream. Something to keep me a little busy after I move in lol

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