Falling a tad behind

Well it’s been a bit of a whirl the past couple of months. Around the time of moving in October was also a job transition (actually was in the already moving for work and somewhere in the mix) started working for another company- am currently the environmental chemist at Siegfried Pharmaceutical. It’s been a fun time straightening out that lab and getting procedures and everything in order. Moving was a nice change, a bit more space, peaceful out in the countryside. And somewhere around the same time this occurred…


And from there it was the holidays (down by us as well as family- my parents up in Northern New Jersey and my brother down in Maryland). Now it feels like I have some time to breath and relax and can get back on track a bit- don’t worry I’ve made quite a few goodies, just haven’t posted. At this point, I’ll start catching up and posting some food related items (some may be just photos, other some recipes, or maybe just some insight. For now, just some photos of my other recent adventures…



4 thoughts on “Falling a tad behind

  1. Aaaaaawwwww Congratulations!!! I checked on your site a while back and saw you hadn’t posted in a while. I’m glad it’s because big things were happening! 🙂 Congratulations to you and your beautiful wife. 🙂

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