A Variety of Breakfast Options

This post will encompass some various breakfast items I have done over the past few months. Some are simplistic and flavorful and others require a little more work (are well worth it).


The first one is my attempt at the croissant. I am sure there are plenty of simplistic and easy versions of making such a breakfast pastry, however from previous experiences in NYC I had to go right to the source and used the recipe from the Bouchon Bakery cookbook.

Not having a strong baking background I am unsure as to some of the timing aspects, i.e. having to do “turns” every so often, but it is rather awesome when you roll them out put em in the oven and that first bite- crisp, flaky, all the layers that were created. In this particular instance however, I went all out like the version I had in the city and made a nice almond cream filling and added some jam. I then topped with some honey and almond pieces and then baked in the oven.


This next breakfast is somewhat more common to make on a nice morning. Combination of an omelet- in this case I kept it simple with shallot, bacon, and cheddar along with a nice roasted pear (brown sugar and a berry brandy) comes together as a quick yet flavorful meal.


A nice fulfilling meal doesn’t get too much easier than this. A nice toasted bagel, topped with a poached egg and some sauteed Chanterelles.



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