Lamb Chops and some Pomegranate

For most of the people I know, this is somewhat of an underutilized type of meat/animal when it comes to making a meal.


In this case, I did a simple pan sear with some salt, pepper, and oil. In a small saucepan I made a pomegranate based sauce where I utilized both the fresh seeds whole as well as the juice (along with some orange juice) and made a thickened sauce. This particular flavor combination cuts well into the “meatiness” and bold flavor of the lamb.


The first side dish was a broccoli rabe with fresh garlic and cracked pepper sauteed in olive oil. For the second side I created some potatoes au gratin. I sliced the potatoes on a mandolin slicer and made a stock-based sauce to put them in the casserole dish. I made interchanging layers of potato and cheese (I used a combination of asiago and provolone) and then baked in the oven until a nice golden crust was formed.





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