One Stylish Burger

Not a meal I make too often (actually on fairly rare occasions) so when I do, I like to spruce it up a bit and try some different things.


A while back I had done some shopping at Whole Foods and while in going through their meat case I came across some nice looking buffalo meat so I bought some. For these burgers, this meat was the base for burger, to add some extra fat (buffalo meat is on the leaner side, I put a few slices of bacon in a food processor and then mixed it into the buffalo grind.


While this was going, I cooked some bacon strips in a separate pan (added some pepper to make it peppercorn bacon). In a small saucepan, I took some pear slices I had sliced up and cooked them in some butter and brown sugar. In another small pan I made some crispy fried onion strings with fresh onion and a buttermilk coating.

When the burgers were close to being finished, I threw on some cur pieces of brie cheese and let it melt. I then tossed on some of the onion strings, and topped with the pear.

Can’t forget a side of seasoned fries.




3 thoughts on “One Stylish Burger

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