How About Some Personal Pizzas??

From when I was young and growing up to the present time, there has been quite a change in the popularity of pizza “styles” or trends. It always used to be either your typical pizza place greasy cheese pizza or you had the generic deep-dish styled pizzas. Topping wise there was not a lot of variety growing up but over time we’ve come to places creating “artisanal” or flatbread styled pizzas- essentially in many ways taking dishes or meals and converting into pizzas.


I went with a nice “thin” crust as its the style  I prefer. Topping wise I went with some chicken I had sauteed almost like a lemon chicken with some added seasonings and garlic as well as diced up pieces of bacon.


Cheese-wise I like to go with a blend. I used a combination of fresh mozzarella, a nice imported sharp provolone, an asiago, and a mild cheddar.


Personally, I am big into mushrooms so for my own pizza I had the addition of chanterelle mushrooms. After laying out the dough, I added the sauce then some of the cheese. I then laid out the toppings (not too much as then when it cooks it would be soggy) and then I threw on some more cheese to melt on top. Overall bake time was about 20-25 minutes (I utilize a baking stone to bake on- really makes a nice crust).




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