Weekend Mornings…A Time to Relax and Make Some Good Breakfast

After working all week, it is nice waking up knowing you can just lounge around for a bit and relax. Another nice perk is having that little bit of extra time and creating a nice meal to start off the day.


I went with a bit of a change on a classic dish. I started off by dicing up 1 and a half Granny Smith apples, tossed them in a saucepan with some butter and some spices and heated them until they became soft and more of a sauce type texture. I then turned the heat off and added in the ricotta and mixed well and let sit to cool and gain some structure.

I then made my french toast on the stove top but did not cook fully as you would under normal conditions. I then put 1 layer of slices in a sheet tray scooped on some of the filling and placed another piece of toast on top. I then baked in the oven at 375 for about 10-15 minutes.

I then plated the french toast and topped with a cinnamon-powdered sugar mixture and placed some black berries on the side.



4 thoughts on “Weekend Mornings…A Time to Relax and Make Some Good Breakfast

  1. I’ll tell you a secret: I like French Toast so much that sometimes I actually have it for a super fast dinner: savory french toast with slices of tomato and lovely melted cheese; maybe sprinkled with some fresh gardenkress and served with a tomato salad – yum!

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