BBQ Drumsticks…in the Oven??

Tonight’s dinner was a nice modification to one of my favorite styles of cooking- barbecuing. However, since it was around 20 degrees out and some fresh snow on the ground actual grilling would not suffice. Time to utilize the oven.


Beforehand, I had marinated the chicken overnight in a nice spicy marinade as I like to have a little kick to the flavor. I then set up a rack over a sheet pan and started to cook them on 425. After they had been in for a while and getting to the point where they were more thoroughly cooked on the inside (i.e. not much red left) I then basted them with a blood orange and honey reduction I had made while they were first put in the oven. The consistency was almost like a barbecue sauce but with pieces of orange pulp throughout. I then coated one side of the drumsticks, cooked a little longer, flipped over, and then did the other side.

Overall, they still had that spicy kick to them but then had a nice citrusy sweetness (think oriental like Orange Chicken).


4 thoughts on “BBQ Drumsticks…in the Oven??

    • Thank you very much. It was nice to get some form of bbqing while it is hovering around 20 degrees F and still some snow on the ground.

  1. Hi Chad, I like your recipe, because I love BBQs but don’t own one so I’m always happy to find oven alternatives. Just a question about the outside – did it get the same consistency as it would on a BBQ?

    • I feel it came out like it would as if you were barbecuing chicken on the grill. The key thing is to let them cook for a nice amount of time to get the skin to where you like and then spread on the sauce – I did each side twice because I like having that thick, sticky glaze with a little bit of blackening 🙂

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