Fried Rice- JG Inspired.

On my own for the evening so I decided to go with some Asian cuisine. Over the years I have had all different sorts and was not sure exactly what I was planning. After some article/book consulting I went with a little bit of Jean-Georges styled cuisine with a little bit of my own flavor twist. In the end it turned out to be a nice Ginger-Garlic Fried Rice with Leeks, Scallops, and Chanterelles.


I started off by boiling some rice and upon completion drained it of the water, spread out on a sheet tray, patted dry with paper towels, and let sit to air dry. I proceeded to make the crisp Garlic-Ginger topping by dicing up garlic and fresh ginger and sauteing in peanut oil. Upon completion, I drained the oil into a larger sauce pan and put the garlic-ginger on the side.


After slicing up the leeks into thin strips I placed them in the saucepan and started to cook. After around 10-15 minutes they became nice and tender at which point I added in the rice (as well as some chili powder) and proceeded to cook until “fried.”


Separately, I sauteed scallops (seasoned with salt and pepper) and Chanterelles in some sesame oil. I also fried an egg “over easy” and placed on top after everything else was constructed. I then sprinkled on the garlic-ginger mix I had previously made along with some sesame oil and soy sauce.




7 thoughts on “Fried Rice- JG Inspired.

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  2. I’m not sure about this one!! The photography is fantastic, as is the plating of the meal..

    If you could name 2 distinct flavors in this dish, what would they be?

    • There is definitive flavor of the garlic-ginger topping which with the sesame oil enhance the flavors of the leek and scallops (no specific flavor is too overpowering- all quite complimentary). This was a fun one to do and sort of follows the trend I’ve been seeing lately with this style of food.

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