Brunch for Dinner

After the way the past few days have gone (Time with friends down in Atlantic City with it being restaurant week) by the time tonight came around I was in no mood for another big and heavy meal. So instead, I kept it simple with more of a brunch theme behind it: “Eggs in a basket” with some shaved smoked gouda, sauteed asparagus, and some bacon.


Simple enough, Eggs in a basket is really just eggs put inside a hole in toast. In most cases I’ve encountered, it is typically fried toast (somewhat like making grilled cheese) however I did more of a baked version instead of frying. I took two slices of toast and cut round circles in them and stacked them. I then cracked two eggs, placed inside and put the dish in the oven.

While that was cooking I started to cook the bacon. Halfway through, I added in some asparagus spears and some cracked pepper.


A minute or two before the eggs were cooked to my liking (I did not want the yolks to be too coked- slightly runny) I tossed the shaved smoked gouda on top to let it melt. I then took out of the oven, threw on the asparagus and added the side of bacon.




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