Grilled Baby-backs- a few styles.

Now that I can assume the weather should stay moderately warm, I can say grilling season is here to stay. I can then say it has been fun doing some experimenting with different ways of preparing baby back ribs for the grill.


For the first round, I prepared a dry rub of red onions, garlic, salt, pepper, sweet peppers, rosemary, chili powder, brown sugar, and scallions. I placed the rack on a sheet pan and poured a little whiskey in the bottom, foil-wrapped, and left in the refrigerator for two days.


After two days, I then started off by slow cooking the pan in the oven at 200 degrees for 2 hours. I then put them on the grill and used a homemade sweet-tangy barbecue sauce which I did in two coatings. The side of corn I soaked the husks and basted the corn with a mixture of oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.


For the second round I started off a little differently. I used some of the same spices as with the first time, but then I turned it into a moist rub by the addition of finely dicing up some pineapple and mixing it with some tequila. I then also added some tequila to the bottom of the pan.


I did a similar cooking prep except I turned the oven to 180 degrees instead of 200. I also did a lighter addition of barbecue sauce (same kind but I added some more smoky elements and chili powder to offset a little more with the sweetness of the rub).

In this instance I decided to make some homemade fries (which I cooked in the oven at 380 degrees). I cut the potatoes up into strips, lightly basted them with some olive oil and used some salt, pepper, diced up garlic and scallions and baked. Upon completion, I tossed them in some truffle-infused oil and served.

Overall, both cases for preparing the ribs were a success. I felt the moister rub (and possibly the slightly lower oven temperature) left a slightly moister rib when fully cooked/grilled, but at the same time I love having that thick, partially starting to blacken sauce on my ribs. In the end, can’t go wrong with either route.



What I’ll be looking forward to tomorrow…Weekend Breakfast




Well with the weekend almost here, I can almost taste what awesome breakfast I can cook and enjoy out on the balcony. This one here is last weeks French Toast with a fresh mixed berry sauce and a side of bacon. Thinking of doing some type of omelette for this week. hmm….

Boneless Ribeye- Even better when it’s on sale

Nothing is quite like being able to sit back relax and throw a few steaks on the grill. What is even better is when the grocery store has said steaks on sale. Shoprite recently had the choice of regular bone-in ribeye roasts or Australian grass-fed ribeye roasts (boneless) at $4.99/lb. With the price-plus of 1/customer it just made sense when I asked if I can get a bigger one and they said they had whole packages I just decided to get a whole boneless package and cut up into steaks.


The potatoes I par-boiled and then tossed in a mixture of spices and homemade bbq sauce and then tossed on the grill. The corn was tossed on the grill basted with some olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper.

The steak itself was done with salt, pepper, and rosemary and then topped with some grilled onion.




Also, if you happen to have a free minute, please vote for my cheesecake over at The Ranting Chef Blog.

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Diced! Dessert Bracket – Pairing 5 – Choose who should move on to the next round.

To my fellow bloggers- Please vote for my wonderful cheesecake to move onto the next round. While you are at it, The Ranting Chef’s blog has many amazing recipes for meals, desserts, and various product reviews as well 🙂 Thank you for your time and support.



Rantings of an Amateur Chef

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Diced! Dessert Bracket: Chocolate Italian Style Cheesecake

A cheesecake I had done as part of a dessert competition by The Ranting Chef.

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

I announced earlier that in honor of March Madness, I decided to create a dessert bracket with 16 styles of desserts. I’ve invited 16 great chefs to each take a category and make a recipe to enter into battle. I ranked the 16 based on my view of which was the favorite and like any bracket, the favorites are matched against the lower seeds. I won’t give you my seeding because I do not want to artificially impact your choices.

I will post a pairing each week on Wednesday and Thursday and open the polls for voting. The polls will be open from Thursday until the following Wednesday (before the next pair posts). The winner of each matchup with the most votes will move on to the next round and the chef will produce another recipe for their new matchup. The overall winner will receive any prizes I can acquire…

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Keeping it simple with an outdoor Lunch




Sometimes it is not about going “all-out” in the kitchen but just being able to get away and enjoy a meal- and with the nice Spring weather it is even more enjoyable when you can sit outside and relax.

In this particular case, I made a simple chicken salad with leftover bbq chicken from the night before. I then did a simple potato salad as a side.

Since we decided to have a “semi-picnic” at Heritage Winery, we enjoyed a nice bottle of their Rose.