Sorry for the absence- For now a quick shot of Kabobs

Sorry for the absence- For now a quick shot of Kabobs

Sorry for my somewhat recent absence. I should have the time to do a few food posts over the next few days as well as getting around to award-related stuff. I am also in the early stages of adding a recipe/food index for all of the things that i post to make it easier to navigate for when you may want different ideas for cooking different meats, breakfasts, pastries, etc.


For now, I leave you with this picture of some mixed kabobs as the weather is nice and I can officially call it “Grilling Season.” Combination of cremini mushrooms, cippolini onions, sweet peppers, potatoes, beef cubes, shrimp, and brussel sprouts. I initially basted them with olive oil and a mixture of spices and orange zest. Later on in the bbq’ing process, I threw on some homemade bbq sauce for the beef- kind of a combination of sweet and tangy in the sauce.




5 thoughts on “Sorry for the absence- For now a quick shot of Kabobs

  1. They look delicious!! Might give them a try and add my experience to my dally with X Files.. lol (what everyone in my family calls anything after I have attempted to cook it and then dish it up)

    • These are a nice thing to go with as they don’t require a whole lot when it comes to cooking them and there are so many different meat/vegetable combinations you can go with as well.

      • Agreed.. surely it cannot be that difficult…

        *recalls the last time I tried to make kebabs and stabbed myself in the foot*

      • lol, I’m thinking that is definitely a plan. I originally went with the Stainless steel ones, because ofcourse, they are more firm and can be re used…

        Not so great if one stabs themselves in the foot with it though.. lol

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